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At HTF Skills Academy, delivered in Oldham, we provide ALLMI-accredited Slinger/Signaller Training, covering both practical and theoretical aspects to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for lifting and crane activities. Our training follows the code of practice recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Here are the key modules covered:


    • Overview of relevant laws and regulations governing lifting operations.
    • Understanding legal responsibilities and compliance measures.

Pre and Post Operational Checks:

    • Detailed guidance on conducting thorough equipment checks before and after operations.
    • Emphasis on identifying potential issues and ensuring equipment reliability.

Planning the Lift:

    • Instruction on developing lift plans that consider factors such as load weight, site conditions, and safety protocols.
    • Importance of communication and coordination in the planning process.

Storage and Maintenance:

    • Guidelines for proper storage of lifting equipment when not in use.
    • Training on routine maintenance to ensure equipment longevity and safe operation.

Use of Lifting Accessories:

    • Understanding different lifting accessories and their specific applications.
    • Hands-on training in selecting and using accessories according to the lift requirements.

Signaller Duties and Signals:

    • In-depth exploration of the roles and responsibilities of a signaller.
    • Practical instruction on universally recognised signals and effective communication with crane operators.

Practical Application of Slinging and Signalling:

    • Real-world scenarios to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.
    • Hands-on experience in slinging and signalling under the guidance of qualified instructors.

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HTF Skills Academy in Oldham

Our Signaller Courses

Slinger/signaller training is essential in the lifting and crane operations sector in Oldham. Our ALLMI Slinger/Signaller Training is tailored to different skill levels, ensuring that participants receive targeted instruction based on their experience. We offer the following courses:

Novice Course

2 Day Course

Ideal for beginners who have no experience or qualifications. By the end of this course, candidates will be ALLMI accredited Signallers.


  • Introduction to legislation and regulations.
  • In-depth training on pre and post operational checks.
  • Practical application of slinging and signalling techniques.



Refresher Course

1 Day Course

This course focuses on areas individuals are seeking to refresh their skills and knowledge.


  • Quick refresh of legislation and regulations.
  • Efficient storage and maintenance practices.
  • Practical application to refresh slinging and signalling skills.



HTF Skills Academy

5 Star Rated Training

At HTF Skills Academy, we are proud to provide the highest quality HIAB, Forklift and Slinger training.

Lee Shaw
Highly knowledgable, well informed. Comfortable surroundings. Great equipment and skills.
andrew seddon
Graham is an excellent instructor, who makes the training interesting and also shares his extensive knowledge of the industry. He has trained some of our employees, in the use of hiabs and flts, both novice and experienced operators. As a company we would have no hesitation in recommending, his training services.
Trev Walker
Excellent service, Graham went above and beyond to provide the best service possible.
Lee Hart
Fantastic guys and great service. Loved doing my HIAB Training here. Would highly recommend.

HTF Skills Training in Oldham

About Us

At HTF Skills Academy, we are committed to delivering a learning experience that is both enriching and empowering, setting a solid foundation for your future endeavours in the industry. Your pathway to becoming a skilled signaller begins here at the HTF Skills Academy. With a well-rounded curriculum and hands-on experience facilitated by industry veterans, we set the stage for you to excel in your role as a signaller.

Take the decisive step towards a promising career by enrolling in our Slinger Course today. Let’s lift your skills to new heights, ensuring safety and efficiency in every lift.

HTF Skills Academy in Oldham

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