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What type of training do I need to operate a counter balance fork lift truck?

The Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) is one of the recognized accrediting bodies for forklift training and certification in the UK. They offer various types of forklift truck licenses, including those for counterbalance forklift trucks. The specific types of licenses may vary slightly depending on the training provider, but generally, there are three main categories for counterbalance forklift truck licenses in the UK:

Novice License: This is for individuals who have little or no prior experience operating a counterbalance forklift. Novice training typically covers the basic skills and safety procedures required to operate the forklift safely and effectively.

Experienced Operator License: This license is for individuals who have some prior experience operating a counterbalance forklift but may not have formal training or certification. The training typically includes a refresher on safe operating procedures and may include more advanced skills training.

Refresher License: This license is for certified forklift operators who require periodic refresher training to maintain their skills and stay up-to-date with safety regulations.

Other considerations:

In addition to these categories, there may be variations or additional training options available from different training providers. It’s essential to choose a training program that meets your specific needs and ensures compliance with UK regulations and safety standards.

Keep in mind that obtaining a forklift license involves both theoretical and practical training, and candidates must pass both written and practical exams to receive certification. The exact requirements and curriculum may vary, but they should align with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines for forklift training and safety in the UK.

To obtain a counterbalance forklift license in the UK, it is recommended to contact RTITB-accredited training providers to inquire about the specific courses and licensing options available in your area.

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